Welcome to The Polka Dot Poodle! We are so glad you are here!
Welcome to The Polka Dot Poodle! We are so glad you are here!

Easter is Almost Here....Are you ready?

Happy Spring...

It's hard to believe that Easter is almost here. The excitement of the Easter Bunny, celebrating the true meaning of Easter and special time spent with family has always held a special place in my heart.  Those special memories are the exact same traditions I've tried to re-create for my own little family. Getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) for an Easter morning sunrise service at church, coming home to fix a big breakfast and see what treats the Easter Bunny brought and sometimes catching a little nap from getting up so early. We would finish the rest of the day with Easter lunch with family and afternoon egg hunt with cousins. The excitement from counting who gathered the most eggs or who found the prize egg are memories that last a lifetime. Getting to share this special time with family and being reminded of the true meaning of Easter has my heart SO full this Spring because we get to have these celebrations.

Last year during the pandemic, we were all so afraid to be around our loved ones so we created the "You've Been Egged" printable to help spread some Easter cheer from afar. Many of our followers shared pictures with us using our printable to bless their neighbors, cousins and friends with surprise Easter Egg Hunts that made for memories even during a difficult time. You all asked that we continue this sweet tradition so I am including this:


Several of you asked for ideas to use for Easter Basket Fillers ideas so I wanted to break a few ideas down to help make gathering items for Easter baskets a little easier.



-New bottles





-Hooded towel



-Bubble machine


-Puddle jumper

-Swim suit





-Coloring book/crayons/playdough

-Sand/Water table

-Bug Catcher


4-6 years of age


-Playdough/Kinetic sand

-Barbie for tub/pool

-Slip and Slide



-Bubble wand


-Trucks to play in rocks/sand 

-Jump rope


-Play makeup

-Swim suit, flip flops



8-12 years of age

-Nail polish 

-New jewelry for Spring

-New charging cord for devices

-Pop socket 

-Manicure trimming set

-Water fan

-Nail strips 


-Lip gloss 

-Water bottle for Spring Sports 

-Nerf gun

-Manicure/Pedicure gift card

-Monogram cup

-Pool float/water gun

-Tie-Dye shirt kit



-School tshirt/short set

-iTunes gift card 

-Nintendo or video game gc

-Phone pop socket 

-Travel toiletries/cute bag (deodorant, spar tooth brush) 

-Sunflower seeds

-Bubble gum

-New Movie

-New Book 

-Beach Towel

-Swim suits (I found a lined less swim trunks for my boys I will share in stories soon)

-Vineyard Vines Tee

-Hey Dudes shoes

-Favorite sports team hat

-Water bottle with school logo


We hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!


The Polka Dot Poodle


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