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Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for info on upcoming sales.
ELF Activity Cards
ELF Activity Cards
ELF Activity Cards

ELF Activity Cards

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Its almost that time of year for our FAVORITE FRIEND from the North Pole (I say that with complete sarcasm in my voice). I know you all understand...but I surely have to be the WORST Elf mom on the planet. I mean I can't count on 1 hand how many times I have busted out of my bedroom only to find that the kids have already spotted the elf that didn't move from the previous days location. HORRIBLE......

As much as I would love to put this guy in quarantine...I love seeing the excitement and joy that it brings to my children's faces each (most) morning.

So....when I do remember to move the little creature, I'm always stuck at what to do that takes very little effort (lets face it, its usually midnight or later before I remember).

So.... I have compiled 12 different activity cards that will help make your life a little easier over the few weeks this little elf is in town. Use just a few or use them all. Most of these activities are ones we most always do as a family anyways.

These 12 activity cards are 2.5 x 2.5 inches and are emailed to you in a digital file that can be printed out on cardstock (or even basic copy paper) from home or an office supply store (staples, office depot, kinkos)

Tag Themes Include:

-I'm Back...Come Find Me

-Hide & Seek: hid 5 candy canes

-Movie Night: Lets watch a Christmas Movie

-Deck the Halls: help decorate for Christmas

-Brr: fix hot chocolate

-Lights: go see Christmas Lights

-Baking: Lets bake cookies

-Kindness: lets do a random act of kindness (you choose)

Build: build a gingerbread house

Santa: write a letter to Santa

Read a Book: bring or read a familiar Christmas book

Goodbye: quick little see ya next year message


We think these will help you be prepared for those late nights that you want to give nearly ZERO effort to the elf and his/her shenanigans.


This is a DIGITAL product therefore nothing will be physically sent. The printable should be sent to you immediately in an email just after purchase, however we are asking you to leave your email address just incase we need to send them manually. If you haven't received your download within 24 hours please contact us through IG, FB or email. Thank you so much for your purchase.